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"We were pleasantly surprised by the high standard of professionalism with which Real Solutions and its small team of young, committed and enthusiastic people presented themselves. As a result, we outsourced our entire recruitment process to them and I am happy to say that their delivery exceeded our expectations."  
Sashin Joshi
NIC Asia Bank Ltd.

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Thoughts From Upper Management:

Quote from a recent meeting: "We are going to continue having these meetings, everyday, until I find out why no work is getting done".
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  Compensation and Incentives Management

We offer complete solution to design and develop effective compensation and incentives system and its management.

Compensation and Incentives Management service includes:

▫  Assessing the present compensation and incentives    package of every position.

▫  Designing compensation and incentives as per    knowledge, skills and attitude required for each    position.

▫  Creating compensation and incentives benchmark as    per industry average.

▫  Developing overall system, guidelines for effective    compensation and incentives structures.









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