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"We were pleasantly surprised by the high standard of professionalism with which Real Solutions and its small team of young, committed and enthusiastic people presented themselves. As a result, we outsourced our entire recruitment process to them and I am happy to say that their delivery exceeded our expectations."  
Sashin Joshi
NIC Asia Bank Ltd.

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  Temporary Employee Management Services (TEMS)

Our temporary recruitment model helps your company to remain agile, enabling you to expand and contract workforce and expenses with the flow of the business requirement. With TEMP companies can select people with the exact skills they are seeking for a specific time.

It is very important to understand what benefits these short-term assignments can bring to an organization, TEMP allows you to hire temporary staff to cater to peak demand conditions, hire staff with specialized skills for projects of short duration, or release temporary staff when demand falls.

The following services are proposed in the area of Temporary Employee Management

Tracking and updating the contract of existing temporary employees

Recruitment, Selection and Orientation of temporary employee for the product launching program, specials sales campaign, promotion campaign, research, data collection, mystery shopping etc.

Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, training and HR Management of Temporary Employee (repetitive job) of Junior/Middle level staffs, for e.g.: Tellers, Receptionist, Call Center Representatives, Customer Representative, Showroom Sales Representatives, Accountants etc.

Payroll Management of Temporary Employees on annual contract basis  








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