Employee Counselling Skills Training: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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In an organisation, we sometimes have to encounter a range of complex and sensitive conversations with team members and colleagues. As an HR or the Line Manager, when we have to face a fellow team member or colleague, who is in need of support it is often of great value to have some effective counselling skills. Employee counselling at workplace is considered by business leaders today as a crucial strategic objective in securing business excellence and taking care of the staffs.

For the very first time in Nepal, Real Solutions presents Employee counselling Skills Training. The first of its kind training designed to build the basic foundation on counselling   communication skills and learn advanced techniques that could influence change among your employees using an empathic, non-judgmental, and accessible means for employees to find the best way forward.

This training is not intended to make attendees full-time counsellors, but it will provide them with a practical toolkit which they will be able to use in a range of contexts. The attendees will be introduced to the person centred approach to counselling and how this can be applied in the workplace in such a way that will benefit them, their colleagues, and their organisation. Despite the seriousness of the topics covered, delegates can expect a lively, enjoyable and interactive course.

Our training course aims to provide a comprehensive, competency and practice based knowledge and skill in counselling psychology. This training emphasizes the links between research and practice, conveys principles of best professional practice and captures the magic of the world of counselling. Training methodology includes stimulating presentations supporting each of the topics together with interactive trainer lead sessions of discussion. Role-plays, group work, structured exercises and feedback will be used to facilitate learning. Within a month of course completion, participants will get an opportunity to attend complimentary follow up session of 3 hours.

Who is this course for?

Employee Counselling skills in the workplace is particularly useful for team leaders, managers and HR professionals who may, as part of their role, need to develop and support colleagues

What will this training help me do: learning outcomes?

After attending this Training, participants shall be able to:

  • Counsel employees with an open, non-judgmental attitude-accepting the counselee for who s/he and her/his current situation
  • Use counselling skills to understand and empathize employee
  • Support and facilitate in dealing with emotional distress of employee
  • Provide mentoring and life coaching to employees

Trainer Profile:

The trainer for this course is Dr. Kishor Adhikari. Dr. Adhikari has a doctoral level training in behavioural science with significant academic and professional experience in counselling, coaching, mentoring, training and education.  He has received Nepal Bidya Bhusan Padak Class A & B for his outstanding academic contribution from Government of Nepal in 2018 and Information Communication Technology Award 2018 for the technological innovation in psychometric assessment in Nepal. Dr Adhikari is a founder of an award winning company, People Development Lab Pvt. Ltd. and a member of board of trustees of Institute of Crisis management and Studies and also director of   master in counselling course.


To register/enquire about our upcoming training dates, you may either:

  1. Call: 9802075524, 9802075516
  2. Email: training@realsolutions.com.np