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"We were pleasantly surprised by the high standard of professionalism with which Real Solutions and its small team of young, committed and enthusiastic people presented themselves. As a result, we outsourced our entire recruitment process to them and I am happy to say that their delivery exceeded our expectations."  

Sashin Joshi
NIC Asia Bank Ltd.

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 Corporate Humor

Corporate Structure:

Leaps tall building in a single bound. Is more powerful than a locomotive. Is faster than a speeding bullet. Walks on water. Discusses policy with God.

Leaps short buildings in a single bound. Is more powerful than a switch engine. Is just as fast as a speeding bullet. Walks on water if the sea is calm. Talks with God.


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 About Us
Real Solutions is an independent advisory firm that specializes in providing a complete or sectional HR support to the Nepalese organizations.

Acknowledged as the leading HR consultancy in Nepal, we believe in providing the Real HR Solutions for our clients. We do what they want to get done.

As a team we are pragmatic, pro-active and Service Delivery literate. We are therefore able to bring to bear an appropriate blend of skills and knowledge to meet our clients' specific needs.

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 Real Solutions Bulletin
Career Opportunities in Siddhartha Bank Limited
Services We Provide

Real Solutions aims to provide practical, integrated and robust solutions that organizations can live with. The strength of Real Solutions as a consultancy is in the breadth of the technical knowledge, whatever the specific issue; there will always be clear and informed recognition of associated concerns, particularly with human resource management.

Ultimately, Real Solutions ensures that the clients get a Human Resource Management system that has all the essential components and is customized as per your organizational requirement.

Key functional areas of Human Resource Management that can be outsourced to Real Solutions are:

Job Analysis
Recruitment and Selection
Developing HR Policies & Procedures
Performance Management System
Compensation and Incentives Mgmt.
Training and Development
Applicant’s Information Mgmt. System
Functional Support Services
HR Process Mapping
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