Essence of HR Department in An Organization

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HR professional of diverse organization participated in the HR KURAKANI event with remarkable enthusiasm. The program was started with the brief summary of programs’ objectives by Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri, Managing Director of Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd. T

The topic for the discussion was “Essence of HR Department in An Organization.” This topic was further divided into various topics as below. 

A.  Top Management's Perspective in HR 
All the participants emphasized that top management has taken HR Department as supporting unit rather than the strategic unit of an organization. It is like a guardian who is always dedicated for the welfare and development of an employee. Until and unless top management are unaware of HR department’simportance in an organization, its essence will remain neglected.   

B.  General Public's Perspective in HR 
The participants agreed that most of the general public believes that the organization hiring system is influenced by political powers, references and therefore unbiased recruitment is hardly found. It has been challenge for HR to hire qualified candidates as required by the position.   

C.  Recruitment and Retention 
The participants emphasized that the major challenge of HR is to recruit and retain the best and competent employee for/in the organization.   

D.  Enhancing Applicants and Employees Competencies 
The interviewees are not informed of the reasons of not being selected, by HR department. During discussion, it was agreed that HR department need to be responsive to job interviewee who were not selected, so that at least they will be informed. Similarly, the employee competencies can be developed through in house counseling, guidance and career planning.   

E.  Performance Appraisal 
Performance appraisal is conducted yearly by the organization to appraise its employees. This is an important aspect of HR which is done for the employee’s growth and provides important feedback regarding employee performance. Similarly, it provides a base for decision making in various matters of the organization.   

In addition, other topics were discussed such as on HR Mantralaya, Regulatory Body in Nepal, HR practices in diverse organization, Real Solutions CSR activity and various probable topics for HR KURAKANI etc. Moreover, it was discussed that customized email/correspondence with name of employee on it give more impact on the information. This culture of message customization would bring ownership among the employee in the organization.   

These are the key functions of HR that emphasized the essence of HR Department in an organization. The program ended up with a commitment to make this forum as information center for HR personnel to learn and implement many HR practices in the respective organization. Further, it would be a forum to boost up moral and is initiation towards better perspective in HR. Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri expressed his gratitude to all participants who made this program happening.  

HR KURAKANI is initiated by Real Solutions for HR professionals and HR practitioners in nepal. It is an open discussion program where HR professional of various work group from diverse organization share their experience related to HR.   

Objectives of HR KURAKANI 

  • To discuss latest HR trends, technologies and practices by HR professionals. 
  • To develop the network among HR professionals from different working groups. 

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