86th HR Kurakani interacts on Talent Measurement through Intelligent HR Technology

Category: HR Kurakani | Date: Jan. 29, 2020, 5 a.m. | Total Views: 216

Hosted by Real Solutions P. Ltd on last Wednesday of English calendar every month, 86th edition of HR Kurakani was held on 29th January 2020. Since, human capital management is experiencing a technology boom, this edition of HR kurakani was focused on the idea, opinion & story sharing of how technology today plays a huge role in reducing this complexity and make it easier for HR professionals and practitioners to improve the way they manage their tasks.

Ms. Nibha Shakya, HR Director at Real Solutions moderated the session with the welcome note and introduction of about 25 participants from diverse organization. To begin with the discussion, she first outlined that the success of any organization depends on how effectively it combines people, process and technology to deliver transformational value at optimized cost.

To begin with, the participants first sought to explain the concept of talent and intelligence in a practical sense. Numerous thoughts and views were expressed regarding the matter, and in general, the participants agreed that talent is different from intelligence. Talent is a combination of aptitudes for some specific activity. Talent is the ability to do something that people consider 'exceptional' or 'good'. They shared that there is no single definition of intelligence and every human being are different. One might be good at logic, one might be good at deduction, someone else might be good at learning. However, both talent and intelligence may be inherited, or developed over time.

Why is technology important in Human Resource Function?

  • To simplify administrative task of HR
  • In recruiting and retention of employees
  • To measure return on investments
  • To reduce bias in HR decision-making

HR Functions and Effectiveness of Technology

  1. Data management

HR professionals have to collect and store a lot of data regarding employees such as – attendance, leave available, approval status of leaves, financial details to their address and emergency contacts which has been simplified through uses of technology shared HR professionals. 

  1. Communication

Communication is crucial in any organization said the participants. They further added how periodically HR needs to circulate information to the employees, which may differ according to the level of the employee in the company hierarchy. Practitioners shared that they have been able to eliminate this complexity using automated HR Technology.  

  1. Smart analytics

For years, organizations have been trying hard to collect data to gain insights to predict future behaviour of employees and it has been somehow been possible through technology; shared the professionals.

  1. Streamlined recruitment process

In the Kurakani they discussed that technology has been able to enable HR managers to automate some part of the hiring workflow, especially the repetitive and high-volume tasks like the matching problems.

Mr. Siddhartha Jung Khadka shared that Real Solutions has recently signed an agreement with Mercer Mettl; globally recognized online talent assessment which provides holistic assessment using multiple assessment tools in order to assess the right skills. These value-added services ensure a sound and hassle-free recruitment process which is not intuition driven he added.  

  1. Meaningful performance appraisals

Performance appraisals are organized periodically and feedback given; employees feels biased and there are chances of judgmental errors. If data are available and can be easily extracted, the effort put into appraisals comes down drastically and the result is data driven.

HR Professional agreed that technology without a doubt has brought positive change but there are still many areas/roles that only humans can perform. They also highlighted that technological advancements are nowhere near to human decision-making abilities. And, to get the best out of the technology it is really important to input the right set of data so that it can give us the best output.